Here We Come A'Caroling - DVD Preview Pak

An Easy-Learn, Easy-Sing, Unison/2-Part Musical For Christmas

Each year as December rolls around, one of the first reminders that Christmastime is upon us is the music that fills the air. We can't help but join in as we sing songs of the season - songs that inspire the joy and spirit of Christmas, songs that will lead your choir and congregation in worship - giving voice to the wonder surrounding the story of the birth of Christ. Some songs take us back to the simple joys of childhood, others share the timeless truths of that first Christmas night. Here We Come a'Caroling introduces inspiring new songs, such as the title song and the Gospel-flavored "Joyful, Wonderful News!," along with popular Christian radio songs of the season, like Chris Tomlin's "It's Christmas." With a title like Here We Come a'Caroling, you just know there's going to be plenty of opportunity to sing along with some of your favorite carols. (Unison/2-part)

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