Jingle Bell Beach - DVD Preview Pak

A Christmas Singing Competition Of Pitch Perfect Proportions

Aspiring young vocal groups from all around the country are making their way to Jingle Bell Beach for the famous Jingle Sing competition. Hosts Sandy and Sonny Pepperminter welcome the final contestants for this year's competition: the Snowflakes, the Starfish, and the Electrons. When a storm ruins the contestants' plans for getting home in time for Christmas, things heat up to tidal wave proportions. The result? The announcement of a rare "Reindeer Rumble" - a spontaneous song competition to determine the winner of this year's event. In their eagerness to win the contest, it becomes clear that one of the contestants is struggling with his understanding of the meaning of Christmas. As the others share the story of Jesus, the spirit of competition quickly transforms into the wonderful spirit of Christmas. This musical has 10 lead and medium/small roles (8-36 lines), two tiny toles (1-2 lines), 19 singing solo opportunities (not tied to lead roles), and two biblical speaking opportunities. (Unison/2-part)

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