Let The Children Sing! (unison/2-part) - Performance/Accompaniment CD

by Natalie Sleeth

Favorite Unison/2-Part Anthems Of Natalie Sleeth

Natalie Sleeth was without a doubt the most consistently successful composer of anthems for children of the late 20th century. Always singable, always with musical integrity, her music is the living legacy of her belief that music for children should be "…something worth singing and something worth singing about." Let The Children Sing! is apt evidence of that credo. These six anthems were originally designed for 2-part treble choirs, but suggestions for successful renditions with unison choirs have been added so that the music may be accessible to a broader age range. Songs include:

  • Come, Let Us Sing
  • Lord, Make Us Worthy
  • It's All In The Hands Of God
  • The Kingdom Of The Lord
  • Noel, Noel, A Boy Is Born
  • Let All The World Be Glad And Sing

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Let The Children Sing!