The Christmas Cupcake - Preview Pak (Listening CD & Choral Bk - Limit 1)

(Listening CD & Choral Book - Limit 1)

by Brian Green, Luke Gambill, and Nancy Gordon

Noelle and three others from her church have been randomly selected to appear on the Yum Yum Foodie Network for "The Cutest Christmas Cupcake Contest." Noelle becomes so distracted about her impending stardom that she loses sight of the real meaning of Christmas. In this charming musical, Noelle's friends help remind her about "the sweetest story" ever told!

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Sound Samples

Song Title
Carol Medley
Scene 1
Bakin' Up Cupcakes
Happy Birthday, Jesus
Scene 3
Christmas Is Jesus / O Come, Let Us Adore Him
Scene 4
The Sweetest Story / Go, Tell It on the Mountain