A King Is Coming to Town - Preview Pak

by Geron Davis, Sue Smith, and Craig Adams.

A King Is Coming To Town is an exhilarating 40-minute musical for children. Come along to the little town of Rumor's Mill, USA, where this morning the whole town seems to have gathered in the town square. What sparked all the excitement? A sign, posted anonymously, declaring "A King Is Coming To Town!"

Just who this King is, no one seems to know. But that hasn't stopped residents from getting ready for the upcoming event. The town reporter, Greta Van Popcorn, is on the story. Mayor Big Wheel is using the news for publicity. Sheriff Badge is trying to keep order and Barbara Booster is hoping this will get Rumor's Mill in the Top 100 Best Towns in America. Is it King Tut, King Kong, or the King of Rock & Roll? Drew and Ellie have the answer, as they want to tell the real story of Christmas. Voicing: Unison; Difficulty: Easy; Length: 40 minutes

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