Washington Monument, The - Presentation Kit

by Karl Hitzemann

Built to honor George Washington, the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army and the first President of the United States, the Washington Monument is one of our nation's most recognizable structures. At just over 555 feet, the monument holds the title of world's tallest stone structure and obelisk.

To pay tribute to this national treasure and to honor Presidents' Day, we created the song "The Washington Monument." This piece features a patriotic accompaniment, an easy-to-learn melody, and lyrics that give a bit of history. The accompaniment for this song features a full orchestra, complete with military snares and cymbals and some cool touches from our awesome rhythm section. While it would work fine to perform it with just the piano accompaniment, the recorded tracks provide the perfect patriotic tone.

The kit features a craft project so your students can make their very own miniature Washington Monument! You will find a template and instructions for this project as well as a video tutorial. Also included is a reproducible info sheet about the monument and a quiz (plus answer key) to test your students' knowledge of the facts. (from Music K-8, Vol. 27, No. 3)

Presentation Kits are ideal for virtual or distance learning or for projection in the classroom. Components can be shared with students and parents in Google Classroom and similar platforms. The kits contain:

  • MP4 lyric video timed to the embedded full performance track;
  • MP4 lyric video timed to the embedded accompaniment track;
  • Lyric PowerPoint timed to the embedded full performance track;
  • Lyric PowerPoint timed to the embedded accompaniment track;
  • PDFs of the piano/vocal score, student part, and lyrics
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The Washington Monument - Presentation Kit
Downloadable PowerPoints w/ embedded performance/accompaniment audio, MP4s of PowerPoints, PDFs, and Bonus Video: 129.2MB

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The Washington Monument
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