Music K-8 Vol. 19 Full Year (2008-09)

We are offering all five issues and the recordings that go with them as specially boxed sets to save you money.

Music K-8 magazine has introduced a number of new concepts to the area of elementary music publishing. Probably the most popular one has been the fact that a subscriber has the right to legally reproduce the music in each magazine for every student she or he teaches, no matter how many schools or students are involved. In the magazine, we provide a Piano/Vocal Part and illustrated Lyric Page for most of the songs.

Student Reproducible Parts, which are available separately for this entire volume, contain every recorded tune with the singers' parts extracted for fast, less expensive photocopying.

Downloadable versions of the full back volume are now available. And with our combo option, you get the best of both worlds: a physical and downloadable copy of the magazine components.

To hear sound clips from and read details about any song in any issue, visit the Past Issues area. A small sampling of tunes is included below.

About the Audio RecordingsAudio recordings contain full performance and accompaniment only (instrumental) tracks.

Prod. #
Product Description
Music K-8 Vol. 19 Full Year (2008-09) - Downloadable Back Volume - PDF Mags w/Audio Files & PDF Parts
Music K-8 Vol. 19 Full Year (2008-09) - Downloadable Back Volume - PDF Mags w/Audio Files
Music K-8 Vol. 19 Full Year (2008-09) - Downloadable Student Parts
Music K-8 Vol. 19 Full Year (2008-09) - Download Audio Only

Sound Samples

Song Title
Americans We (19/1)
Do You Recall September? (19/1)
Me Gusta Mi Escuela (19/1)
The Crawdad Song (19/1)
B A Black Belt (19/1)
Declaration (19/2)
Merry Christmas Bells (19/2)
Piñata (19/2)
Thank A Vet (19/2)
One Nation (19/3)
American Every Day (19/3)
FACE (19/3)
Best Friends Forever (19/3)
Feelin' Jazzy (19/4)
Hip Hop Shamrock (19/4)
Bark, Bark (19/4)
Shut It Off (19/4)
Hamsters Can't Play The Piano (19/5)
Oats, Peas, Beans And Barley Grow (19/5)
Flying Eagle (19/5)
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