by Teresa Jennings

Freedom is one of the most cherished, sought-after things in the world. As we have watched the world change shape in recent years, freedom is what was fought for, won... and sometimes lost. This powerful all-school musical revue helps students take a unique look at what freedom means to us. Just as important is the fact that this revue is ideal as the center for a school's cross-curricular study of our rights and freedoms. Use it to not only inspire your students, but also to showcase the importance of music in your school.

This impressive revue features five unison/2-part songs that have already proven their power to hold the interest of children - even hard-to-reach young teens. Each song can be used separately, but when they are combined, they make a memorable program. This important revue includes:

  • Freedom - This uplifting title song introduces the subject of the revue - the importance of freedom in our lives. Students can easily make the connection between the song's opening line, "we stand here on the brink of history," and happenings in the world around them.
  • Knowledge Is Power - Set in a hard-hitting rock style, this half-song/half-rap tune makes a very powerful case for staying in school. It has become quite popular as a school theme song, and it is perfect for working with children at risk. This is truly an anthem for education and for the value of learning. The accompanying skit will drive home the message, and allow your budding actors and actresses to show off.
  • Why Can't They Be Free? - Here is a poignant look at what life is like in some other places on this Earth, where freedom is not yet a reality. This is a powerful song that has often moved audiences to tears.
  • Teach Me About My Freedom - Use your youngest singers for this touching song that tends to tug gently at the heart strings. This is a simple appeal to parents, teachers, and families. In addition, the melody, sung in unison, is easy enough for young students to learn and it will make the message more memorable.
  • Choices - This driving rock march will remind your singers and audience alike of what our freedom means to us. The melody is easy to sing and the mood is contagious. All of your singers will want to participate in this one.

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Knowledge Is Power
Why Can't They Be Free?
Teach Me About My Freedom
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