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Purchase A K8 KidTunes Tune Ticket

Tune Tickets allow a person to download Plank Road Publishing songs (for listening pleasure only) from K8 KidTunes without having to open an account.

To send a K8 KidTunes Tune Ticket to someone, please enter that person's name and e-mail address, as well as your billing and credit card information. We will e-mail the Tune Ticket code directly to the recipient. Items in red, with an *asterisk, are required.

Recipient Information

* Recipient's Name:

First name, last name, or both.

* Recipient's E-mail Address:

Important! We e-mail the Tune Ticket code directly to the recipient. The e-mail must be accurate.

* Verify Recipient's E-mail:

Brief note for recipient:

Billing Information

* Tune Ticket credits / your cost:


(from 5 to 100 tunes at $0.99 each, plus tax if you are ordering from Wisconsin)

* First Name:

* Last Name:

* Your E-mail Address:


Important! We e-mail you a copy of the Tune Ticket number, in case the e-mail to the recipient doesn't go through.

* Verify Your E-mail:



Only if you are using a school credit card.

* Address:

Address Line 2:

* City:

Province or State (US or Canada):


Province or State (other):

* Zip or Postal Code:

* Country:

* Billing Phone:

Billing Fax:

Credit Card Information

* Credit Card Type:

* Credit Card Number:


No spaces, no dashes.

* 3-digit Verification Code:

or check if illegible:


3-digit code from back of card. Click for help.

* Expiration Date:


Other Information

Comments or Notes for Plank Road Publishing:
(the Tune Ticket recipient will not see these notes)

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