My First Piano Adventure

Lesson Book C with Play-Along & Listening CD

Product Number: HL420263

Publisher: Faber Piano Adventures

Medium: Softcover with CD

Format: Lesson Book C with Play-Along & Listening CD

Composer: Nancy Faber

Composer: Randall Faber

Book C of the Fabers' young beginner method continues the staff-reading adventure with the introduction of skips (3rds). Students first explore skips aurally and kinesthetically across the full range of the keyboard. A delightful variety of songs follow which carefully and comfortably guide the child toward line-line and space-space staff recognition. The new CD for Book C offers a unique listening experience with outstanding orchestrations and vocals. The recordings demonstrate a key principle of the course: when children listen, sing, tap, and move to their piano music, they play more musically.

72 pages. Dimensions: 9.00" long x 12.00" wide.

UPC: 674398221219

EAN/ISBN-13: 9781616776237

ISBN-10: 1616776234



  • All the Raindrops
  • Allegro Skips
  • Baby Owl
  • Bass Clef Chant
  • Bedtime Boogie Woogie
  • Birthday Cake for Me
  • Cat Game
  • Cinderella's Waltz
  • Con Brio
  • Dinner with Wolfgang
  • Dolphin Dreams
  • E-G-B's Morning Warm-Up
  • Go Tell Aunt Rhodie (Theme and Variation)
  • Leap for the Pinata
  • Let's Go Play!
  • Ludwig's Accents
  • Mama's Bakin' Apple Pie
  • Marching Band Show
  • Mouse Game
  • Mouse in the Clock
  • Mozart's Pets
  • Night of Stars
  • Rising Sun
  • Skip with my L.H. Friends
  • Skip with my R.H. Friends
  • Surprise Symphony Theme
  • Tchaikovsky's Waltz
  • Treasure Chest
  • Wild, Windy Day
  • You Can Clap for Me