Level 1 - Gold Star Performance Book

Piano Adventures®

Product Number: HL420256

Publisher: Faber Piano Adventures

Medium: Softcover Audio Online

Format: Gold Star Performance with Online Audio

Composer: Nancy Faber

Composer: Randall Faber

The second in a series, Gold Star Performance Level 1, is a challenging collection for the late-elementary pianist featuring changing moods, keys, and hand positions. Like the primer level book, this collection may be used as a “graduation book” to improve artistic, technical, and rhythmic skills before advancing to the next level. The long awaited addition to the Piano Adventures® series features songs and pieces like: Bullfrog Blues • Monster's Midnight March • Little Bunny Foo Foo • Mouses or Meese • and more. Includes online access to Gold Star Performance audio for both listening and play-along.

40 pages. Dimensions: 12.00" long x 9.00" wide.

UPC: 674398218998

EAN/ISBN-13: 9781616776039

ISBN-10: 161677603X



  • Bullfrog Blues
  • Canoe Song
  • Chinese Painting
  • Colorful Sonatina 1. Sunshine Yellow 2. Dreamy Sky Blue 3. Happy Red
  • Dance of Two Seahorses (from First Instruction in Piano-Playing)
  • Happiness Runs
  • Little Bunny Foo Foo
  • Monster's Midnight March
  • Most of All I Like Rainbows
  • Mouses or Meese
  • Three Pirates