Level 2B - Technique & Artistry Book - 2nd Edition

Piano Adventures®

Product Number: HL420192

Publisher: Faber Piano Adventures

Medium: Softcover

Format: Technique & Artistry Book

Composer: Nancy Faber

Composer: Randall Faber

Enhancements to the 2nd Edition Level 2B Technique & Artistry Book include emphasis on pattern recognition, new teacher duets for several Artistry Magic pieces, and a new exercise to prepare students for playing chord changes. The four effective technique secrets are used as warm-ups throughout the book.

40 pages. Dimensions: 12.00" long x 9.00" wide.

UPC: 674398201495

EAN/ISBN-13: 9781616770990

ISBN-10: 1616770996



  • Autumn Colors
  • Backward Somersaults (for LH)
  • Badminton Game
  • Carillon Bells
  • Carousel Ride
  • Changing Lanes
  • Etude in C
  • Fancy Footwork for LH
  • Forward Somersaults (for RH)
  • Grand Waltz in F
  • High-Rise Window Washer
  • House of Mirrors
  • Ice Hockey
  • London Bridge (for RH)
  • London Bridge Rhythm (for LH)
  • Lookout Mountain (for LH alone)
  • Major I and V7 chords - D Major
  • Maracas!
  • Minor I and V7 Chords - D Minor
  • Nickel in the Dryer
  • Owl in the Woods (A Minor)
  • Painted Pony
  • Pedal Magic for RH
  • Penny in the Washer
  • Pep Rally
  • Rip Roarin' Rag
  • Sights on Sixth Ave.
  • Snowball Scales (for RH)
  • Snowball Scales (for LH)
  • Sunshine, Raindrops
  • Swiss Music Box
  • The Hurdy-Gurdy (The Street Organ)
  • Tiger by the Tail!
  • Tightrope Walk
  • Turning Corners
  • Waltzing LH
  • Waltzing RH
  • Water Skiers
  • Winter Wind (C Minor)