I Can Read Music - Book 2

Elementary Reading

Product Number: HL420167

Publisher: Faber Piano Adventures

Medium: Softcover

Author: Nancy Faber

Author: Randall Faber

Book 2 of the I Can Read Music series provides an extra tool to help students gain certainty and confidence in note reading. With its motivational format consisting of StoryRhymes, Sightreading Bonanzas, playful scoring methods – such as “clever notes” and “clunky notes,” “great notes” and “grumpy notes” – the student and teacher will have fun seeing reading skills improve with each lesson.

32 pages. Dimensions: 12.00" long x 9.00" wide.

UPC: 674398201143

EAN/ISBN-13: 9781616770600

ISBN-10: 1616770600



  • Baker's Blues
  • Bug in My Stew
  • Grandfather's Barn
  • Heebee Jeebees
  • The Greatest Gadget