Hum Eliminator(TM) 2 XLR

2-Channel Box with XLR Jacks Model HE-2-XLR

Product Number: HL242745

Publisher: Ebtech

Medium: General Merchandise

Two channel Hum Eliminator™ equipped with 1/4″ ins/outs AND XLR ins/outs. Use any combination of 1/4″ and XLR ins/outs. Cold-rolled steel housing, passive design (no power required) & two-year warranty.

Features include:

• Simply plug the Hum Eliminator between the offending pieces of equipment to get rid of ground loop or cable related hum

• Uses 1:1 isolation transformers to break loop antenna and balance audio lines

• Also converts balanced and unbalanced signals

• Two 1/4″ XLR channels in hand held box

• Use any combination of 1/4″ or XLR ins/outs

• 1/4″ smart jacks can accept any combination of mono or stereo plugs

• Passive device (No power required)

• Hang-able/resealable clear clamshell packaging

• Cold-rolled steel housing, two-year warranty

Dimensions: 6.00" long x 4.50" wide.

UPC: 614859201039