Shepherds, Sheep And A Savior

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  • No Ordinary Night
  • Scene 1
  • Shaggy, Smelly Sheep
  • Drama
  • Glory To God In The Highest with Angels We Have Heard On High
  • Drama
  • Headin' Down To Bethlehem
  • Scene 2
  • This Is Jesus with Away In A Manger
  • Drama
  • Go And Tell with Joy To The World!
  • Production Notes

    The setting: A hill outside of Bethlehem. Shepherds are gathered around a campfire. The sheep are choir members. The shepherds are downstage center. The travelers pass through the camp from upstage right to upstage left. If the choir is positioned across the back of the stage, the travelers will pass in front of them. The stable with Mary and Joseph will be downstage left and may even be off the main stage (to set them apart) as your space permits. The stable can either be preset or brought out and positioned during "Headin' Down To Bethlehem."

    Costumes: The sheep should have painted black noses and "sheep ears." White shirts and blouses will work fine. The Shepherds should be dressed in robes and sandals. Headbands and shepherd staffs will enhance the look, if available.

    Staging suggestions are also included.