Princess And The Pea, The

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  • Prologue (All)
  • It's Time For A Wedding (All)
  • Where Is My Bride? (Prince)
  • We Heard You Need A Princess (Villagers)
  • Scene Change Music (Instrumental)
  • A Picture Perfect Bride (Gillian and Hannah)
  • A Picture Perfect Bride (Reprise) (Hannah)
  • It's The Little Things (King and Queen)
  • It's Time For A Wedding (Reprise) (All)
  • The Big Test (King and Queen)
  • Happily Ever After (All)

Note: Teacher's Handbook and CD include music for bows (curtain calls).

Performance time: approximately 40 minutes.

Cast of Characters and Costumes:

  • Prince Nicholas: The eager-to-wed heir to the royal throne. He narrates the story with great enthusiasm because he has a personal interest in its outcome. Handsomely dressed in medieval princely attire.
  • King Reginald: A confident ruler. He successfully runs the entire kingdom, but struggles to manage his own family. Wears a traditional regal cape and crown.
  • Queen Minerva: A comic queen. In her attempt to make everything perfect, she has become an overbearing mother, a bossy wife, and a domineering diva. Dressed elegantly in a royal robe and bejeweled crown.
  • Jester: The energetic best friend of the Prince. A consummate joker who loves to laugh. Colorfully dressed in a harlequin's tunic, tights, and an exaggerated hat.
  • Hannah: Soft-spoken chambermaid. Sweet, kind, considerate - especially where Prince Nicholas is concerned. Even though she wears a plain dress, work pinafore, and a drab headscarf over her short hair, she radiates beauty.
  • Princess Cecily: A common princess. Dressed in a royal wedding gown with a train and a veil. She carries a bridal bouquet that will be passed from bride to bride.
  • Minister: The royal clergy man or woman, dressed in traditional ritual vestments. He/she is authoritative and speaks with a booming voice.
  • Second Bride: Another common princess, wearing a wedding gown with a train and veil. At first she tries to hide her poison ivy, but eventually she can't fight the urge to scratch.
  • Griselda: Yet another common princess, dressed in a wedding gown with a train and veil.
  • Gillian: A beautiful princess with an outrageous laugh. Her stylish dress, flowing locks of hair, and sparkling jewelry can't disguise her simple, self-obsessed personality. These character flaws prove to be amusing and comedic, but never mean-spirited. Changes to a disheveled bridal gown with veil, train, and mismatched shoes for her wedding song #9. Optional - wears a long white nightgown and robe for the guest chambers scene and song #6.
  • Guest/Villagers: Any number of additional people who attend the weddings and gather at the castle for "We Heard You Need A Princess." They portray various family members (father, mother, sister, brother, etc.) and village stereotypes (baker, banker, student, farmer, etc.). Could wear medieval casual/work clothes for "We Hear You Need A Princess" and formal attire for the weddings, or just one outfit for all scenes. Optional - guests and villagers may be played by two different groups of people.