All About That Baby

From Word Music

by Christy Semsen

A Sheep-ishly Fun Christmas Musical For Kids

All About That Baby is a delightfully fresh presentation of the blessed story of Jesus' birth. We know from Biblical accounts that Mary and Joseph had to find rest in a stable, where the baby Jesus was born. We're told of Wise Men traveling from the East in search of the newborn King, and of shepherds visited by angels and told of His coming. This new Christmas musical version of the story introduces you to some entirely new, fictional characters, and wonders what it might have been like had they enjoyed a "front row seat" to the events of that holy night. Angels and shepherds and… talking sheep? Oh, my! (Unison/2-part)

(Run time: 40 minutes)

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All About That Baby - Teacher's Resource Kit CD-ROM
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All About That Baby - Choral Book
Piano score and script
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All About That Baby - Accompaniment CD
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