Red-Letter Christmas, A

From Brentwood-Benson

Created/arr. Luke Gambill

A Simple Christmas Musical For Kids

When we look around, we see that the Christmas season is filled with many colors that bring us back to why we celebrate. The gold in the ringing church bells reminds us of the angels announcing Jesus' arrival. The green in the wreaths brings us to the hillside where the shepherds watched their flock. The red in the stripes of candy canes leads us toward the words in the Bible that Jesus spoke and the sacrifice He made to give us eternal life. The story of Christ's birth comes alive with every color of the season. We invite your children's choir to reflect on the wonder of Christmas as they sing these energetic arrangements. May these songs and narration take your congregation on a journey through the colors of Christmas and ultimately point every heart towards the life and words of Christ. (Unison)

(Run time: 22 minutes)

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