Smart Rhythms - Volume 2

From Themes & Variations

by Linda Miller

This resource includes 10 levels of difficulty. Activities include reading, listening, notating, and composing with rhythms. Students will have tons of fun while learning to read, write, and compose with rhythms. Audio recordings of every flashcard are included. There is also a file that gives the teacher all of the rhythm flashcards used in the collection as individual flashcards. You can use these flashcards to create your own rhythm activities. This product can be used with a Mac or PC, with or without a SMART Board™. SMART Notebook™ Interactive Viewer software is a lightweight version of SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software. It's a free download that enables you to view and interact with SMART Notebook™ files on your computer. (Grades K-6)

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Smart Rhythms - Volume 2 - CD-ROM
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