From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson

Easy Math And Movement For Young Learners

Count by tens, then by fives, then all the way to 50! Show left and right, high and low, and tall and short, just for starters. Count pennies in a nickel, seconds in a minute, hours in a day, and more. It all adds up to hours of fun with math for young learners. NumberBOP! is jammed-packed with songs, ideas, games, movement, and creative extension activities. Reproducible songsheets with chord symbols and separate lyric sheets are also included. Sing along with John and the NumberBOP kids on the included CD. This CD is also enhanced with songsheet and lyric sheet PDFs to project or reproduce. Sharpen math skills this year with NumberBOP! Songs include:

  • NumberBOP
  • Let's Count By Tens
  • Counting To Fifty
  • Doin' Time
  • A Penny In My Pocket
  • Marty Monkey
  • A Fraction Is A Part Of A Whole
  • It All Adds Up

(Grades K-2)

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NumberBOP! - Teacher's Book/Enhanced CD
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