Both Ice Breakers Books

From Hal Leonard

by Valerie Lippoldt Mack

Ice Breakers

by Valerie Lippoldt Mack

Long-time educator Valerie Lippoldt Mack gives us some of her favorite team-building activities. Tried and true, these 60 ice breaker activities come directly from her classroom and teach life lessons of respect, tolerance, and patience.

The book is divided into sections that include communication, energizers, problem solving, trust building, goal setting, and building respect. This simple and affordable book packs the punch you need for dynamic success with your choir, ensemble, and classroom!

Ice Breakers 2

64 More Games And Fun Activities

Ice Breakers 2 includes 64 more games and activities (as well as numerous variations) designed to build teamwork skills, energize the classroom, and focus the kids. Many of the suggestions also teach musical concepts.

The six sections in this sequel to the best-selling book Ice Breakers include: Ice Breakers - Remixed!, Stress Busters - Solving Problems As A Team, Creative Activities - Thinking Outside The Box, Retreat Makers - Building Relationships, Life Lessons - Establishing Respect, and Holiday Games - Celebrating Special Occasions. (All Ages)

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Both Ice Breakers Books (Books 1 & 2)
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