Sight-Sing A Song! 2 - Set 2: Keys Of D And G

From Hal Leonard

by Audrey Snyder

Set 2: Keys Of D And G MORE Music Reading For The Elementary Classroom

Set 2 of this popular series expands sight-singing skills to the keys of D and G with a step-by-step approach through 6 lessons in each key signature that culminate with a special song students will be able to sight-sing! Helpful Teacher Tips focus on the music concepts being presented, provide a suggested teaching sequence to use when presenting each exercise, and give keys to sight-singing success.

Two student reproducible pages filled with sight-reading exercises are provided for each lesson. After students have perfected the exercises a cappella on their own, they can reinforce the learning process by performing with the rhythm accompaniment tracks on the enclosed CD. The enhanced CD also offers performance/ accompaniment tracks for the 2 songs included, plus PDFs of all the sight-singing exercises for projection options.

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Sight-Sing A Song! 2 - Set 2: Keys Of D And G - Book/CD
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