Don't Rock The Ark!

From Hal Leonard

by George L.O. Strid and Mary Donnelly

A Children's Musical

The storm clouds are forming, and the boat's almost ready! Take a flustered Noah, add a wife, three rambunctious sons, and two of every living creature on the earth and you've got chaos! It'll take a lot of faith to get them through 40 days and nights of life on this crowded vessel. The sons have their own ideas on how to pass the time with basketball, stand-up comedy, and a buffet table.

The timeless Biblical story of Noah and the Ark is told through the unique perspective of Mom and Dad Elephant (who, of course, remember it vividly).

This easily-prepared 16-minute musical is perfect for younger children's choirs. The reproducible Director's Manual offers permission to photocopy singer's sheets and dialog, making Don't Rock The Ark a budget-stretching, creative presentation for any time!

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Don't Rock The Ark!
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