Totally Twisted

From Lorenz

by Mark Burrows

Songs And Orff Activities For The Music Classroom

Creepy, crawly, gross, and strange - it's a fact that kids love all these things. And who better to deliver it to them than Mark Burrows. Known to lots of little listeners as Mister Mark, he's really just a big kid himself. So when he writes music that clucks, such as "Music For The Royal Chickens," and songs that stomp, like "If You're Angry And You Know It," it's sure to resonate with your students.

Better still, all are supplemented with Orff activities to help further musical learning. Reproducible visuals are provided, as is a CD that totally rocks. Other songs also include:

  • Bruce Weiner, Zoo Dentist
  • Radioactive Lunch
  • Busy As A Bee
  • Brain Freeze
  • Pop Quiz
  • The "My Foot Just Fell Asleep" Stomp
  • Mad Hatter Day
  • The Recyclops
  • Rock 'n' Roll P. B. 'n' J.
  • Chinchilla

(Grades 1-6)

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Totally Twisted - Book/CD
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Sound Samples

Song Title
Rock 'n' Roll P.B. 'n' J
Brain Freeze
The Recyclops
Pop Quiz
The "My Foot Just Fell Asleep" Stomp

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