Gustav Holst - The Planets

A Visualization Of Holst's Suite

This stunning visualization accompanies a highly acclaimed performance of Gustav Holst's suite by the BBC Symphony Orchestra under Andrew Davis.

In this powerful statement of Holst's vision, three elements are combined: Holst's music, stunning photography of the planets, and eloquent visual images of Holst's own interpretation of the astrological significance of each planet, as revealed in his subtitles:

  • Mars, the Bringer of War
  • Venus, the Bringer of Peace
  • Mercury, the Winged Messenger
  • Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity
  • Saturn, the Bringer of Old Age
  • Uranus, the Magician
  • Neptune, the Mystic

A CD of the musical performance is also included. (PG - some scenes are not appropriate for the classroom, 53 minutes)

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Gustav Holst - The Planets - DVD/CD
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