Go, Galileo!

From Lorenz

by Mark Burrows

A Musical Celebration Of The Sciences

Test tubes and beakers meet toe-tappin' beats in this musical celebration of scientists and their work. With styles from reggae to funk to Beach-Boys-inspired surf rock, the songs in Go, Galileo! showcase Mark Burrows's gift for pairing meaty yet memorable texts with catchy, singable melodies. That combination brings the sciences alive for your students with songs that make physics matter, give Newton gravity, relay the relative relevance of Einstein's relativity, and point out that George Washington Carver is worth more than mere peanuts.

A reproducible fact sheet introducing each scientist or concept is included, as are suggestions for correlating activities. Designed for the non-science teacher and requiring very little setup or outside materials, these may be used in collaboration with your classroom teachers to extend the cross-curricular component. Also included are reproducible vocal parts and a Performance/Accompaniment CD featuring tracks so hot they're radioactive! (Grades 2-6)

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Go, Galileo! - Book/CD
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