North Pole Star

From Alfred Music Publishing

by Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse

The Search For The Most Talented Reindeer Of Them All

Reality TV fans will be totally amused and entertained as each of Santa's eight reindeer audition for a panel of important judges including Mrs. Claus, Santa himself, and (special guest at the North Pole) Steven (or Susan) Cruelle. Host, Nicky (or Nick) Snowcrest keeps the show rolling along, and the "Star Singers" back up each of the featured performers as they sing and dance their way toward the ultimate title of North Pole Star.

For a surprise ending, allow your audience to cast votes during the song "We All Are Winners Here," or plan and prepare a winner in advance! Either way, it's just so much fun poking fun at a pop culture phenomenon. (Grades 3 and up)

(Run time: 40 minutes)

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North Pole Star - Performance Kit
(Teacher's Ed., 10 Singer's Ed., Performance/Accompaniment CD)
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North Pole Star - Singer's Edition 5-Pak
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North Pole Star

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