Forty Winks 'Til Christmas

From Hal Leonard

by John Jacobson and John Higgins

A Holiday Musical That Will Keep You Awake!

Liven up the holiday spirit in your school with a holiday musical that will keep you awake. Grab your pj's and pillows for a holiday sleepover. But beware when sleep begins to take over, because the toys have decided it's time to liven things up. Join the merriment with dancing dolls, disco bears, marching soldiers, somersaulting rag dolls, and a special visit from the jolly red fella himself. Discover that it's never too late to start spreading peace and goodwill.

Designed for young performers in the primary grades, this delightful musical features five original songs, clever rhyming dialog easily adaptable to casts of varying sizes, simple movement, and helpful production tips to help stage a successful performance, especially when time is limited. Songs include:

  • Cousins For Christmas
  • A Holiday Sleepover
  • Forty Winks
  • It's Alive!
  • I've Been A Naughty Kid

(Grades K-3)

(Run time: 20 minutes)

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Forty Winks 'Til Christmas - Classroom Kit
(Teacher's Ed., Repro Pak, Performance/Accompaniment CD)
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Forty Winks 'Til Christmas

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