John Lithgow's Carnival Of The Animals

From Simon & Schuster

by John Lithgow/illustrated by Boris Kulikov

After wandering off from a school field trip, a young boy falls asleep in the Natural History Museum. There he sees his classmates, teachers, and family transformed into a menagerie of animals, from wild hyenas to stately peacocks.

John Lithgow's exhilarating word play forms a rhyming narration of composer Camille Saint-Saëns's 1886 composition Carnival Of The Animals, which the author originated for the New York City Ballet. Boris Kulikov's witty artistic interpretation of the story adds to the fun.

A new recording of Saint-Saëns's suite, performed by Chamber Music Los Angeles under the direction of Bill Elliott, complete with John Lithgow's zany and inspired narration of the text, is included on an enclosed CD.

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John Lithgow's Carnival Of The Animals - Book/CD
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