A great product and for someone like myself who works in an urban, inner city school district; you keep it affordable! I almost always have to buy out of my own pocket but the product is EXCELLENT!

Quality with a heart!

- New York

My teachers look forward to this publication each year. They will be thrilled to received it right at the beginning of their school year. We love Music K-8!

- Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Music K-8 magazine has been such a "lifesaver" for me, after teaching music at all grade levels for 40 years! ...I am amazed how you all continue to crank-out more and more quality, musical [revues] and excellent accompaniment CDs for them, classroom singing and for recorders! You, at Plank Road, have been an inspiration to all of us for years!

- Colorado

Music K-8 is one step above the rest!

- North Dakota

I do love Plank Road, the heartfelt idealism in the Music K-8 songs, the wonderful arrangements, and the sense of community through this list [Music K-8 Mailing List] and magazine.

- Florida

You guys are awesome and you provide an incredible service to teachers!

- Oregon

When I’m planning a program, I look to Music K-8 FIRST.

- Virginia

Thank you for continuing to produce great music for elementary music teachers!

- Wisconsin

I am back to teaching after 25 years in business - and Music K-8 was the BEST suggestion a fellow teacher shared with me! You fit my budget, the music is awesome, the CDs so professional, and I will be forever grateful for this resource.

- Indiana

Again, Plank Road just makes us look so awesome! We couldn’t do it without you!

- Virginia

Music K-8 is a lifeline!

- Texas

Thank you for all your great work! Your songs are the highlight of our programs.

- Alabama

Thank you for producing such high quality, entertaining, and educational materials!

- Michigan

Music K-8 is the most valuable resource I have for my choir classes.

- California

I have had a rough time with some other suppliers, and dealing with this company has been wonderful. ...Thanks again for making this easy.

- Connecticut

I am impressed with all you do and have been from the very beginning.

- Missouri

I am continually amazed and pleased at the professionalism, courtesy, and caring service from all of you at Plank Road. One person is nicer than the next. Incredible.

- New York

I can't tell you how many teachers I visit in the schools who "sing the praises" of Recorder Karate. A real great idea and motivator for the kids.

- Michigan

Aren't the Plank Road people wonderful?!! ...Thanks, guys, for the outstanding customer service!

- Georgia

I would just like to thank you for this wonderful product. My class just finished "production" this week, and the play was a complete hit with the students, the teacher, and the parents! ...Thanks very much. You can be sure I'll be shopping for next year's musical soon!

- APO/Europe

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