I have found Music K-8 to be a fantastic value. For the price of a musical from most other publishers, I get a musical, seasonal songs, the Idea Bank, the rights to make the copies I need for my students, and fantastic recordings. You can't find this kind of value anywhere else.

- Mississippi

Hmmm... let me just say: Music K-8 saved my career!!! I was on burnout mode about two or three years in, and someone told me about it. And it has been true love ever since!!! : ) WORTH EVERY PENNY!

- Georgia

I cannot imagine putting on three or four concerts a year without the incredible, and varied, choices that Music K-8 gives us.

- Florida

I have every issue [of Music K-8]... can't imagine teaching without them!

- New Mexico

I love your music, the format, the great recordings, the sharing of ideas, the continuous resource of great music and great networking, etc. I feel like Music K-8 is a part of my teaching team.

- Missouri

I really appreciate Plank Road Publishing's considerate approach to providing for education. Your company always has quality items, good prices, and friendly staff to help. Thank you!

- New York

Thanks for the awesome customer service! That is one of the reasons why Plank Road Publishing is so successful.

- Georgia

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. My search is over, and just in time to use with my third graders. Once again, Music K-8 comes through for us!

- New Jersey

Thank you very much! I have to tell you that I use at least one of your songs EACH AND EVERY DAY that I teach! You have the greatest stuff!

- Texas

Thank you! I just love shopping with Music K-8. I've enjoyed the quality and fast delivery. Your customer service is also tops!

- Texas

I wanted to pass along many compliments to your employees on the phone. They are always so kind, courteous, efficient, and helpful. Phone conversations are always very pleasant. Thanks for great customer service.

- Ohio

A great product and for someone like myself who works in an urban, inner city school district; you keep it affordable! I almost always have to buy out of my own pocket but the product is EXCELLENT!

Quality with a heart!

- New York

My teachers look forward to this publication each year. They will be thrilled to received it right at the beginning of their school year. We love Music K-8!

- Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Music K-8 magazine has been such a "lifesaver" for me, after teaching music at all grade levels for 40 years! ...I am amazed how you all continue to crank-out more and more quality, musical [revues] and excellent accompaniment CDs for them, classroom singing and for recorders! You, at Plank Road, have been an inspiration to all of us for years!

- Colorado

Music K-8 is one step above the rest!

- North Dakota

I do love Plank Road, the heartfelt idealism in the Music K-8 songs, the wonderful arrangements, and the sense of community through this list [Music K-8 Mailing List] and magazine.

- Florida

You guys are awesome and you provide an incredible service to teachers!

- Oregon

When I’m planning a program, I look to Music K-8 FIRST.

- Virginia

Thank you for continuing to produce great music for elementary music teachers!

- Wisconsin

I am back to teaching after 25 years in business - and Music K-8 was the BEST suggestion a fellow teacher shared with me! You fit my budget, the music is awesome, the CDs so professional, and I will be forever grateful for this resource.

- Indiana

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