You guys do amazing with the magazine. I love it!

- Wisconsin

The Mailing List has been a godsend to me. Thank you for providing such a wonderful forum.

- Kansas

Keep up the great work! I always look forward to every issue!

- Kentucky

This resource is more valuable to me than any textbook. The songs are extremely well-written, creative, and clever, and the children love them. Having student voices as models on the recordings is a tremendous boon. Thank you for your creativity and this amazing series.

- New Jersey

This is probably my most useful resource I use each year. Thanks.

- New Jersey

Keep doing what you’re doing. I like how I can usually find a song for what I need. I love [the] searchable [Online Index], and that I can listen to the songs without digging out the CDs.

- Idaho

What terrific pieces! All so different, yet high quality. Thank you! I look forward to many more!

- Rhode Island

I love Music K-8 and look forward to each and every issue.

- Rhode Island

I don't know what I would do without Plank Road. They save my sanity every year.

- Maine

I just had to thank Plank Road Publishing once again for making such wonderful music for my students (and me!). [...] It's like you know what I need (and want) more than I do!

- Illinois

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Plank Road Publishing is the best at what they do because they understand what the kids like, what their sense of humor is (and the teachers’, as well!), and write absolutely incredible melodies and lyrics specially suited to the unchanged voice.

- Michigan

I can count on one hand the resources and training that have meant the most to me in my 31 years of teaching - and you can be sure that Music K-8 is among them!

- Ohio

You all do an outstanding job of providing valuable materials to music teachers. I could not make it through a school year without your materials. I do not think a week goes by that I do not use a least one Music K-8 song in my lessons. I LOVE your company!

- Arkansas

During my student teaching as a music teacher, my co-op. and several professors recommended this series to me. Now I have a full-time music job, and resources are scarce. This web site is EXCELLENT for teachers, such as myself, who enter into a school with no prior resources. So I can't thank you enough for having these materials ready to go and teach! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

- Pennsylvania

I am deeply grateful, and I make it a point to mention the composers/arrangers/those responsible at Plank Road to the kids whenever we do one of their pieces. I want those good vibes streaming back to those northern climes from whence they sprang.

- Arkansas

[The Mailing List] is a blessing to thousands of teachers, and when you multiply/add in all the students touched by those teachers, the impact of this list is... well... incalculably large.

- Arkansas

I know how relieved one can feel because of the support of [the Mailing List]. I mean, where else are you going to tap into such an enormous wealth of information?

- Arkansas

Music K-8 is the greatest thing ever. I am mentoring two new music teachers, and at the top of my list was to subscribe to Music K-8.

- California

Thanks for all you do! I just love [the Music K-8 Mailing List] and know that without this list and Music K-8 magazine, I would have never survived my first few years!

- New Mexico

I just had my first curriculum implementation meeting with my 40 music educators yesterday. When we were looking at the “Top 10” resources that every music educator should have in their classroom, Music K-8 came in on top. -Music Department Head

- Canada

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