Thank you for everything... I love your company and the care that you give for music teachers!

- Missouri

I always get tons of mileage from your holiday songs (sacred, traditional, zany or silly).

- Washington

Very early on I purchased ALL volumes of Music K-8 as my career began. So many wonderful memories have been created with this truly kid-centered and musically appropriate literature.

- Kansas

I can honestly say that teaching your publishing company's music literature has made for a very fruitful and rewarding career.

- Kansas

We have been using SO MUCH Music K-8 this year for upbeat and fun music trying to keep the spirits up.

- Kansas

I cannot express enough how important your publication is to my students. I use it for nearly every elementary concert. We use it to celebrate throughout the year. Please keep up your wonderful content, and thank you for making it so flexible and usable.

- Kansas

You just amaze me. Thank you for all of your good, quality music - the children's voices, the recordings - wonderful, wonderful products!

- California

I am just thrilled, amazed, and very happy with all of the things you have done in your company.

- California

Amazing Music! Thanks for making my life so much easier.

- BC

THANK YOU for making my job so much easier!

- Wisconsin

Music K-8 is perfect for general music and my beginning choir 4th -6th grade. Students love your music. Just what I need during distance learning as well

- California

Your songs and arrangements are brilliant for singing in my primary school. Thank you!

- United Kingdom

Thank you everyone at Plank Road. You made distance learning possible for my kids.

- California

When I was student teaching in 1997, I got my first magazine, and since then I have LOVED using your music. I LOVE it, and it has been the main part of music I have used. I have moved from public school to private, and now it is an even more valuable resource and tool for me. THANK YOU!!!!!

- Minnesota

I have been a nonstop subscriber to Music K-8 since Volume 7. You all mean so much to me! When I bring out a new chorus song, the first thing they ask is, "Did the same lady (Teresa) write this one?" They might stage a revolt if I say no! I want you to know that I will continue to be a subscriber (and your biggest fan)!

- Florida

I love your magazine! I have every issue from Volume 12 to the current. I have renewed my subscription. You are such an important resource for music teachers like me.

- California

I’ve been a music teacher in the school system in Canada for 35 years and I’ve always loved your products. I am a huge fan of your company and the music you provide for us. You guys are amazing. I find myself mentoring many new music teachers, and I will continue to share what your company offers. Keep up the good work.

- Canada

I just wanted to thank you for the great classroom musicals over the years. Anything I ever did of yours was great! Thank you for your high standards and excellent materials. Please know you are SO appreciated by so many.

- Delaware

[I’ve] been teaching from your amazing works for years; they are the BEST!!

- Wisconsin

Thank you for ALL you do! I appreciate all of the opportunities you provide for my students - cover contest, video content, songs, musical ideas, etc.

- California

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