Spin A Little Dreidl

by Teresa Jennings

This bouncy song is perfect for your school's celebration or recognition of Hanukkah. Though it can be used in any way you deem appropriate, of course. The dreidl is a small, four-sided top which is used as a children's toy and/or game. Spinning it is integral to its function, hence the song.

We have made this song a partner song, which means your students will get to experience part-singing the easy way. Part 1 sings at measure 5 the first and third times. Part 2 sings the second and third times. This way, both parts are featured for a bit and easily heard and understood before they are put together. Be sure to group part singers near each other for security. The words can be a little tricky on the sixteenth notes, so if you decide to play the piece live, don't take it too fast.

On the recording, you will hear our talented violist, Michael Strauss, playing the solos.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.