Time To Graduate

by David & Anne Ellsworth

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Many schools have graduation programs for kindergarten, pre-school, first grade, and so on. While we have published more mature songs for this purpose, this is our first one for younger students.

This bouncy and lively rock march will get your youngsters moving the moment they hear it. The lyrics are very easy and repetitious and allow them to yell out joyfully during the section at measure 22.

The piece starts and ends with a "boingy" bass synthesizer to allow your students to enter and exit, as in a processional and recessional, if you like.

The P/A recording is mostly synthesizers, which is appropriate to the style, though there is a real drummer and guitarist, as well. The synthesized parts are distinctive, light and fun to listen to. Your kids will really enjoy singing this one as they "move on in their lives!"

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.