For The Winter

by Mike Wilson

Here's a short song about seeing the first signs of Winter and the feeling you get when you know it's time to say goodbye to the beauty of the Fall. As you listen, your first impression might lead you to believe this is a difficult song to perform, considering the complexity of the rhythmic treatment. However, if you focus on the vocal line, you'll hear that it is very straightforward and scale oriented. Our singers learned the notes very quickly allowing us to spend most of our recording time on musicality. This should prove to be your classroom experience as well. The idea is to teach that, whatever is going on under the vocal line, the singer can "trust the notes" on the page.

"For The Winter" is written in a jazz waltz style, which can be felt or interpreted in a couple of ways. You may feel it as a "1 2 3" waltz or you might feel the accent on beats "one" and the "and of two," which creates a slow duple four feel against the waltz. Pretty cool!

Our instrumentation consisted of drums, acoustic bass, piano, guitar, percussion, and strings. Though it is not indicated, this would be a great song for a soloist, especially if you have a singer who can pull off this style of music.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.