Advice for transitioning and classroom management?

Ideas, suggestions, techniques, and questions about classroom management.
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Advice for transitioning and classroom management?

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Hi! I currently work at a play based preschool in a classroom with 10 3.5 - 4 year olds, and I'm still kinda(?) new to the job (2 months). This is my first time working at a play based program (I used to work as a floater in a curriculum based preschool for about a year before I became an assistant in the second year) and I have one co teacher that I work with, but at times she leaves me on my own to prep activities. Sometimes its when we're transitioning to our next routine, or during circle time.
I was wondering if anyone has any fun strategies in the following scenarios:

- Getting the children's attention for circle time (i.e when students start talking to one another, or when more than one child starts darting for the cozy corner)

- Getting the children to line up and prepare to head into/out of the classroom (i.e when a child stops walking when all of the other children are heading into the classroom)

I know that the right strategies depend on the situation, but anything helps!

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