great recorder resource for remote instruction

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great recorder resource for remote instruction

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I just wanted to share a fantastic resources (Visual Musical Minds on YouTube) I used last spring when we went to remote learning in my school. I can take no credit here - but my students excelled with these videos and lessons. It worked well because the students heard what the piece should sound like, had the visual of the music on the screen, fingerings to help guide them, and the catchy background tracks to play with. Win-win-win! ... KPBssoljyg

I would assign certain pieces each week, and students would be responsible for submitting a recorded video or recorded audio (some of them are camera shy!) each week as a playing test. They could even call me up on the phone and play. I could easily assess their playing and give individual feedback. (Not to mention much-needed encouragement and praise!)

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Re: great recorder resource for remote instruction

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this is so great! thanks!

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