New Feature: Diving Deeper - Assessment PDFs

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New Feature: Diving Deeper - Assessment PDFs

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Music K-8 magazine has a new feature – "Diving Deeper Into The Music" interactive PDFs. These interactive PDFs are a wonderful new way to assess students' learning and comprehension of a few select songs in Music K-8. Each Diving Deeper PDF includes a handful of questions related to a song in the magazine. Students may answer these questions remotely by electronically filling out the form, saving their work, and sending it back to their teacher. Or, the PDFs could be printed and handed out in a classroom setting for students to complete by hand. The Diving Deeper PDFs can be used exactly as they are, or you could use only the questions that suit your needs.

Diving Deeper interactive assessment PDFs will be included starting with Music K-8, Vol. 31, No. 1. You can still subscribe to volume 31 and not miss a single issue. Click here to learn more or subscribe now: ... group=5406
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