From Folk To Pop - Book/CD

by Heather Morris

Sing And Learn About Historical Folk Songs That Made Their Way To The Pop Charts

From Folk To Pop is a set of lesson plans based on traditional folk songs that have been recorded by rock singers and found their way to the pop charts. The lessons include learning to sing the song, creating and adding accompaniments and descants, and playing the song on instruments. The collection also includes a history of the song, listening activities and YouTube™ links to compare the traditional with the pop version. There are assessment suggestions and rubrics included. Pop artists include Bruce Springsteen (Oh, Mary Don't You Weep, Erie Canal), Elvis (My Landlord), The Beach Boys (John B. Sails), Lead Belly (Midnight Special), Great Big Sea (Donkey Riding) and the Kingston Trio (Pay Me My Money Down). The collection includes reproducibles, piano/vocal scores, and a Performance/Accompaniment CD. (Grades 3-8)

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