World Instrument Bingo - Multimedia Edition - CD-ROM

by Cheryl Lavender

Enhanced With Color Photos, Projectable Games, And Assessment Activities

World Instrument Bingo has gone digital! Now you can explore instruments from around the world with full color projection, authentic sound samples, interesting fun facts, games, and assessments. Students are first introduced to 24 world instruments through a series of collaborative learning activities. When it's time to play Bingo, print the 30 Player Cards (available in full color or black/white) found on the CD-ROM, or transfer the Bingo card images to individual tablets. For more flexibility and assessment options, the CD-ROM also features two sets of instrument sound samples. One set features a short sample of each instrument playing alone. The other set features a longer sound clip of each instrument playing alone and then in an ensemble. The projectable material on the CD-ROM is set in a user-friendly PDF format compatible with AdobeĀ® Reader 10. No CD-ROM drive? No problem. There's an optional Digital Download Code included, so that identical files are available for direct download to your computer. (Grades 4-8)

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