Music Fact Raps - Book/CD

by Tom Anderson and Mark Brymer

A Collection For Learning The "Fun"damentals Of Music

This exciting collection teaches composers, musical terms, dynamics, instruments, and much more with a variety of original raps. Improve rhythm skills and get 100% participation - even from your most reluctant pupils. Each rap includes reproducible music pages and lyric-only sheets, and there is a lesson plan accompanying each with teaching suggestions, additional activities, suggestions for expanding the lessons, and even composing your students' original raps. Included with each book is a CD with rap tracks in several styles such as hip-hop, reggae, funk, and rock. Each track is presented in a slower practice tempo and a faster performance tempo, and there are both a 2-minute and a 4-minute version of each. Songs include:

  • Music Is Cool
  • World Music
  • Composers
  • Rhythm!
  • Musical Terms
  • Etiquette
  • Instruments
  • Rockin' Pop Music

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