The Hero In Us All - Student Pack (5 Singer's Editions)

by Michael and Jill Gallina

A Celebration Of Everyday Heroes - For Unison And 2-Part Voices

Students discuss sports heroes, community heroes, emigrant heroes, and unsung heroes as they deliver the message that "we can all be heroes" in this moving presentation. A simple setting with theatrical crates or boxes and a "school clothes" wardrobe will allow directors and students to focus on the meaning of the play. This musical theatre module contains five original songs, two energized raps, and the famous pop hit "The Wind Beneath My Wings." Staging notes are included and the enhanced P/A CD includes a reproducible PDF file of cover art. Inspire the next generation of heroes with The Hero In Us All. (approximately 30 minutes, Grades 4 and up) 5 Singer's Editions only.

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